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Converts any Strat or Tele-style
guitar into a lap steel!

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"BigAss Bridge"
Replace your puny three piece saddles with this oversized stainless steel one piece 3/8" diameter bridge. Comes with two adjustment bolts, and retro fits all three saddle vintage style Tele trays. Increased mass = more sustain and better tone! It's the perfect compliment to your RedNeck equipped Tele, or use it with a nut extender on your wimpy stock neck. You don't even need to take the strings off to install it.
Direct price is $30.00 including shipping lower 48 states.

Player photos & comments:

The maple neck really helped on the sound and sustain, so I'm very happy with my ears it sings beautifully now.   Steinar Gregertsen

Bill Saul

Loni, I have the new redneck. Installation was a snap because the neck was so well made. It fits like a glove. I am very pleased with everything about it. Sounds great, looks great, plays great. Great idea. Thanks. Tom Prickett

Maple bolt-on replacement neck uses your hardware to make a real tone monster! Steel reinforced, oversized square-neck, 25.5" scale length. Flat, wide finger board for true steel guitar look and feel sits and balances perfectly on the lap. Natural oil wood or red stain finish with raised brass nut, inlaid lines and dots.
Made in the USA.
Direct Price: $260.00 + S&H (add $50.00 for tuners)
(Maple, including brass nut. Exotic woods additional.)

Redneck Custom Supreme
Redneck Custom Supreme
Jason Lollar pickups
Hipshot Trinity bridge
$1,800 as shown

Adam Lopez
I'm REALLY loving this Red Neck on this Strat really has a big full tone...I played it
out at a local blues jam the other week.
With nothing but a Tube Screamer,
that thing just wailed...loving it. -Adam

"Hi Loni. I got my guitar!!!! WOW!!! Just like you is incredible. I will send photos soon. Gotta go mess with this thing somemore. Thanks ,money well spent."
Glen Crain

Greg Leisz

John Billings' Redneck Loni, thanks again! This is the most fun I've had sittin' down in a looong time! I put the neck on a Tele body with 2 Duncan Fast Tracks and a Barden in the bridge. I ain't playin' hula's on this guitar! I'm gonna get a dobro strap, and play this thing standin' up. Too cool. What a great idea! John Billings

Erv Niehaus
I've always been accused of being a red neck and now I play one! This is the first Strat I've ever owned and it's a new experience. A person can really get a variety of tone with the three different pickups. Makes for quite a lap guitar! Erv Niehaus

This definitely made my month. Gonna plug into the MoogerFoogers and wail after din tonight!
This is the greatest, man!
Best regards,
Bob Trelease (aka Dr. Bob and Oculo Rapido)

Click here for Arnie Newman's Redneck Lapsteel demo on YouTube!
Newest Lapdancer model prototype "AERO" has landed!
Made of solid mahogany with maple fret lines. 24" scale length, stainless steel bridge assembly. Aluminum nut. Seymour Duncan Hot Stack pickup, (room for two) Direct Price- $TBA

The "LapMaster"
After listening to all the great input from players across the country who would love to own a Lapdancer but just can’t pop the $2K for the custom version, we have come out with a "wallet friendly" model. It has the same exciting design and most of the appointments of its exotic sibling.
Basic features include:
Ash body with tooled leather fingerboard 24.5" scale length
Seymour Duncan 6, 7, or 8 string pickups
Brass nut and bridge, chrome hardware
Made in the USA
Prices: 6-string, $650.00
7-string, $700.00
8-string, 1 pickup, $750.00, (2 pickup with blend pot, $850.00)
Hollow-neck, $100.00 additional
Gig bag, $50.00

For information, email Lapdancer Guitars: