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Solid glass, hand formed and crafted in the USA, each Slipperyslide is a unique work of functional art. No two exactly alike in color or design.

They feature the ability to make any steel guitar sound amazingly like a sitar, using the ground edge - "The Sitarsound Experience". Naturally, they can also produce a sweet, traditional sound, simply by rotating the bar. Wow!

Standard size is approximately 3 1/4" long by 15/16" in diameter. These slides fit the hand beautifully, and will be the pride and joy of your bar collection.
Recent user comments:

Hey Loni,
Yes I did receive the slides, they are a lot of fun. I used one of them this week on a recording I'm producing, it's a kind of African blues tune and we needed a evil spooky kind of sound. I'd tried playing dobra on it using my usual steel bar but it sounded too full and rounded if you know what I mean, so applied the sitarsound edge and got just exactly what I wanted. ...the glass definitely gives a warmer round sound ( when you use the round bit! ) than a steel slide, it's the one thing I miss from my bottleneck days was the comparative warmth of the glass slide.

I got the tone bar last night. It blew even my highest expectations out of the water. It sounded great, looks cool as hell, and handled beautifully. I have been looking for a solid glass tone bar for years and nobody - I mean nobody - makes one.
Best of luck with your business,
  Only $65.00 U.S. each
Includes domestic shipping.

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